Hot Tapping

As one of the country’s foremost Hot Tapping Contractors our services have been used in a variety of critical environments, such as live data centres, pharmaceutical works, hospitals & nuclear facilities.

APS’ Hot tap services provide reliable, safe and controlled entry into live piping, vessels and tanks operating at pressure or vacuum without losing product or interrupting system operations.

APS’ pipe Hot tapping (Under Pressure Drilling), wall tapping services have been used extensively and successfully both nationally and internationally for making live branch connections (hot tap connections) for a variety of applications such as hot tapping gas pipelines. Our specialist hot tapping equipment means APS can carry out hot tap applications on lines from ½” to 48” in diameter with temperatures from below freezing to 200˚C + and pressures ranging up to 40 bar.

Hot Tapping Method?

The hot tapping process begins with fitting a new branch to the host pipeline. The new hot tapping fittings can be attached by welding or by using mechanical (clamp) hot tapping split tee, a full bore isolation valve is then installed, the branch and valve is then pressure tested and a sealed drill rig attached to the valve. The pipe is then drilled while the valve is in the open position, the drill is then withdrawn and the valve closed. The drill is then removed from the valve and a blanking flange or plug fitted.


Pipeline Hot tapping is performed by APS certified technicians, using specialist hot tapping machine(s) suitable for each and every application. All undertakings of hot tapping pipe are carried out in accordance with the company’s Hot Tapping Procedure.

Common Applications for hot tapping pipe services include:

  • Preventing shutdown
  • New construction tie-ins
  • Installation of by-pass piping systems
  • Pressure and vacuum installations
  • New pipeline construction
  • Sight glass installation
  • Quality control sample points
  • Valve installations
  • Thermowell coupling installation
  • Orifice taps for flow meters

Common Equipment / Materials Serviced:

  • New construction tie-ins
  • Installation of by-pass systems
  • Pressure and vacuum gauge installation
  • New pipeline construction
  • Sight glass installations
  • Quality control sample points
  • Valve installations
  • Thermowell coupling installation
  • Orifice taps for flow meters
  • Pipe inspection
  • Temperature indicators
  • Sparger installations

Common Pipeline Mediums:

  • Natural Gas
  • Condensate
  • Compressed Air
  • Raw Water
  • Potable Water
  • Sewage
  • Process Chemicals
  • Heating
  • Domestic Water Service (Hot & cold)
  • Chilled Water
  • Glycol
  • Petroleum products

The Benefits of Hot Tapping Pipelines

  • Services maintained with little or no disruption
  • Little or no loss of harmful liquids or gases
  • Ingress of contamination drastically reduced
  • No drain down or backfilling time
  • Ideal for isolating sections of ring mains
  • Can be applied to a large range of Liquids, Gasses and Compressed Air
  • Suited for Fire protection, Sprinkler systems and Hydrants etc.

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