Industrial Pipework Services

APS offer a wide range of on-site and on-line industrial pipe services across the UK and Western Europe delivering a safe and reliable service – wherever and whenever required.

In conjunction with its core services APS has the skills, experience and knowledge to deliver a wide range of Pipe Maintenance services providing a “one stop shop” for specialist pipeline services and traditional services.

As a full service provider APS offer general pipeline maintenance services, industrial pipework services, pipeline cutting, valve installation, pump replacement, pipe cutting, (cold Cutting). Our Pipe Maintenance services can be offered as a standalone service or as part of a package with or without our core services.

Industrial Pipework Services

Pipe freezing

The highly effective method of pipe freezing for temporary pipe isolation has become the de facto standard for the on-line replacement of valves and for general pipework modifications or maintenance work. Using this pipeline isolation process, pipe contents are safely frozen for the duration of the modifications or maintenance work, avoiding the need for draining and refilling the entire system:

Hot Tapping

Where freezing is impractical, a ‘hot tapping’ technique can be employed, allowing the engineer to install a branch connection to a live or charged pipeline, pipe isolation or tank – again without the need to interrupt the flow of the liquid or gas. In this procedure, a new branch connection and valve is fitted to the pipe or vessel, pressure tested and then drilled under pressure with purpose designed drilling equipment.

Line Stopping

APS’ Line Stopping services, is a mechanical method of forming a temporary pipeline isolation in a live main, where some flow exists and thus cannot be frozen, or a total shutdown is not an option.

Shrink Fitting

APS’ shrink fitting service is a safe, economical and efficient method of assembling components without the need to use heat or employ force fitting techniques. Using this method, the inner component is shrunk by immersion in a bath of liquid nitrogen, so enabling mechanical assembly, without the risk of damaging components.

Pipeline Services

Allied Pipefreezing are able to combine plumbing and mechanical services either as a stand alone service or inline whilst providing our core services. We typically undertake valve replacement, pipework alterations, pump replacements, etc.

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