Put simply, Pipefreezing is a non-intrusive, controlled method of providing pipeline isolation, through the application of liquid nitrogen. The pipework freezing process begins by drawing out the heat from the product within the pipe until it reaches a temperature below its freeze point until eventually the product freezes to form an internal ice plug.

The major advantage of liquid nitrogen or water pipe freezing is that a ‘break-in’ can be performed without incurring the costs and down-time of a complete system drain down.

Data Centre

Data centres are a vital part of today’s infrastructure providing technology support for the services that people and businesses rely on in their daily lives. APS has provided its services to a number of data centre projects to allow expansion of the infrastructure. These data centres have provided support for all types of companies and consumer, from Banks to telephone carriers, to Internet service providers to technology giants.


APS are regularly supplying its services into the retail industry either directly or through main contractors. We have experience of working in live stores during opening hours in all areas of the stores. The companies enviable reputation has helped us to secure work in some of the most prestigious retail outlets and department stores in the UK.

Hotel & Leisure

APS’ services have benefited some of the country’s largest and most well-known establishments as well as small boutique hotels, golf clubs, hotel complexes, and sports clubs. Most of these facilities are available under one roof, so it’s imperative that the systems remain well maintained and continue to run with no shutdown. With extensive experience, APS is well placed to deliver on all the requirements without causing disruption to the end client and their customers.


The manufacture of semiconductors relies upon very strict environmental parameters in order prevent damage to the components during the manufacturing process. The systems that run the manufacturing plants, to maintain the environment and supply the heating plants are on the go constantly. Regular maintenance is not an option as most plants don’t have regular shutdowns. APS services have been employed over the years to maintain these critical services to the plant, whilst key areas are taken out of service for crucial maintenance tasks. APS works closely with its clients to provide a safe and secure solution that will provide the necessary isolation with minimal risk. All the while the client can continue manufacturing.


APS provide support to manufacturing companies and their service providers. In today’s competitive world maintaining the uptime of the manufacturing plant is crucial to business success. This has been achieved for clients in a vast range of manufacturing plants in order to maintain uptime so that productivity is not lost.


The health care industry is highly sophisticated, incorporating a range of facilities other than hospitals. All of these are crucial to the delivery of health care and provides a service that is 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The vast number of buildings that the NHS alone has to look after is staggering. The majority of these are well over 30 years old so now require regular maintenance and replacement of system components such as valves, pump sets, etc. All whilst maintaining service. Our extensive, proven ability to demonstrate our skills and an ability to deliver complex projects on time and within budget which all add to our client’s satisfaction.

Food & Beverages

A solution can be found to most of the challenges faced. APS is aware of the complex requirements of working in what is now a very sophisticated industry. The highest standards of cleanliness, quality and workmanship are a basic requirement at all times.


A solution can be found to most of the challenges faced. APS is aware of the complex requirements of working in what is now a very sophisticated industry. The highest standards of cleanliness, quality and workmanship are a basic requirement at all times.

Oil & Gas

Between them, oil and gas meet more than half of total world energy demand, and they will continue to play a dominant role in global energy in the coming decades. Maintenance of refining and distribution plants is crucial to the success of this sector. The company’s proven track record means APS is well placed to deliver services successfully into this sector


Serving construction, mechanical engineering and fit out companies APS regularly carry out work in this sector. From high-rise office buildings, prestigious financial institutions, national bodies, media studios, APS’ services are helping to deliver projects across the UK and Europe


APS has worked in many institutional facilities from universities, to prison, to parliament buildings all in the effort to reduce system drain downs and shutdowns, ensuring that the systems continue to deliver the best service to the facility whilst works are being carried out.

Water & Waste Water

Water companies are constantly battling leaks, modifications, diversions, upgrades, cleaning of their facilities and infrastructure. APS continues to work closely with some of the largest framework contractors to deliver a range of services into the water sector to enable the providers to meet their regulatory commitments and ensure that the client receives the highest quality of water and waste services.


Ocean going vessels are rarely in dock. The majority of maintenance and repair tasks to the internal infrastructure are carried out whilst the vessel is at sea. They constantly require maintenance and servicing of key components. They face the same challenges to their systems as any other large building with the added complexity of being on water. When vessels are in dock they are restricted to only a few hours before they have to leave for their next destination.

APS have experience of providing its services in order to achieve the desired outcome within the constraints of the vessels sailing schedule.

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