Allied Pipefreezing Services has always placed great emphasis on the maintenance of strict Health & Safety operating procedures. Now with Approved Contractor Status, APS is moving towards stringent new standards in all aspects of the working environment:

  • All APS activities are conducted with reference to relevant Health & Safety procedures, giving proper regard to personnel, property and the environment.
  • A full scope of work and site evaluation is carried out prior to the drafting of a detailed method statement and work schedule.
  • Provision for adequate ventilation is a top priority. The work area is continuously monitored, and life saving equipment provided as necessary.
  • Engineers are trained to ensure the complete dispersal of ice plugs and to check for leaks prior to leaving the site.
  • Appropriate tools, material, safety equipment and protective clothing is provided in accordance with the latest Health & Safety legislation, and to suit clients’ specific requirements.
  • Suitable barriers and warning signs are also provided where necessary.

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