Minworth STW’s

The Client

Specialising in full turnkey solutions from concept design to operational plant for the processing of waste gas, for the renewables and environmental sectors. Working In the waste water sector they have designed, manufactured and installed many plants to allow clean processing of sewage at processing plants around the UK.

The Problem

A new bespoke biogas processing plant had been designed and was in the process of being installed at a sewage treatment facility in the west midlands. The plant was designed to take biogas generated from the anaerobic digester tanks, clean and process before being passing into the national grid to feed some 4,200 homes.
The plant takes the biogas, consisting of methane and carbon dioxide, strips most of the carbon dioxide to create bio methane.
In order to get the new plant up and running a solution had to be found where they could connect the existing biogas pipes to the new plant without isolating or shutting down the existing plant.

The Solution

APS were approached to provide a solution to enable the connection from the existing biogas mains to feed the new cleansing and processing plant. Working closely with our client and the facility owner, APS were able to offer a solution that would allow the new plant to be fed from the existing services without the need of shutting down. APS attended site and undertook a full site survey including OD measurements of the existing host pipeline. APS manufactured the specialist fittings required and sourced the required isolation valves for each of the connections. APS attended site and installed the clamp on tees in the required positions and orientation. Once the clamps had been fitted APS installed the new isolation valves as required. Both assemblies were pressure tested and left for 30 minutes. Each test was witnessed by the client. Once both pressure tests had been completed satisfactorily the connections were ready for drilling. APS undertook the drilling for both the connections to make each one live ready to feed the new cleansing plant. Once complete each valve was closed off and blanked off ready for the Client to connect into.