Sewage Treatment Pumping Station – Staffordshire

The Client

Our client a leading UK construction and infrastructure services company, providing specialist design and build capabilities across a multitude of sectors including the water supply and treatment sectors.

The Problem

As part of an upgrade scheme, the client was looking to install a new flow meter and isolation valve on the line that feeds from a local pumping station to the treatment works. The pumping station takes all the effluent from the local area, shops, business and housing, and stores it in a holding tank. It is then pumped up to the treatment works.

In order to carryout the works the client was not able to use the existing isolations as they were not deemed to be in sufficient working order to prevent any let by of effluent. A solution had to be provided in order to achieve the required works without impacting the operation of the local pumping station.

The Solution

APS attended site and under took a full survey of the working area and took detailed measurements. After discussions with the client offering various solutions it was decided that the best course of action was to carryout a linestop operation. By using the linestop method the client was not on a short time limit to complete the works. It allowed us time to prep and fit the linestop in readiness for the planned date of the works. Once fitted to the pipe the linestop only takes a matter of minutes to insert. A secondary drilling was carried out on the isolated side of the linestop which doubled up as a test point to ensure the linestop was in place but also doubled up as a controlled drain point. The works were in below ground pumping station with the pipe at high level. Access was tight and specialist rigging and lifting had to be employed to raise the fittings and the drilling and linestop equipment into positions. It took two days to complete the install, drilling and fitting works. The third day was taken up by the client completing their works and on completion of the pipe modifications APS backing the stop out of the pipe and de-rigging our equipment and plant from site.