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The Client

Is a leading independent services provider for the oil, gas and power generation markets. Worldwide these services include engineering, procurement and construction management, facility operations & maintenance, repair & overhaul of turbines and other high-speed rotating equipment, as well as provision and field service of pumps, wellheads and valves.

Their global reputation has been built upon decades of successfully managing even the most complex engagements for their clients, offering a broad range of integrated services across the asset lifecycle. Today, as always, they are focused on safely delivering innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions to a very diverse customer base.

The Problem

Offshore oil rigs are located a fair distance from the nearest land so it is essential that the oil rig is able to support the needs of the workers. For this reason oil rigs will have a desalination plant to purify the salt water converting it to fresh water for cooking, drinking and, washing and cleaning purposes. Usually rigs will have two systems for redundancy in case one fails.

It is just so that in this case one of the units had failed. This meant that the rig only had the use of one system. Its replacement was essential should the other system fail.

Unfortunately whilst this unit was out of service the other unit was working hard. This posed a problem for the rig operator. The unit had to be changed without affecting the operation of the other unit or affecting the water supply to the rig. In order to replace this unit sections of pipe had to be relocated so the old unit could be removed and the new one installed.
APS were approached by the Wood Group to help them identify a solution that would help to solve the problem.

The Solution

APS worked closely with the Wood Group and it’s engineers on the oil rig to determine the best solution for this scenario. After much discussion it was decided that the use of the mechanical LineStop equipment would be the best course of action. With the mechanical LineStops in place the rig engineers were able to remove the required sections of pipe and install the valves further down the line. Once the valves were installed the LineStops could be removed and capped off.

Key Information


Timescale :

Cormorant Alpha Platform, North Sea


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