High School

The Client

SPIE UK is a leading provider of vital multi-technical services. Their customers rely on them for a complete solution to their needs. They specialise in lifetime support, from design through construction to maintenance, repair and operation. With the emphasis on green technology, they are forward-thinking, innovative and committed to adding value to every project.

The Problem

Late August 2015 it was found during a routine gas soundness (tightness) test at one of the schools they manage in West Yorkshire that there was a gas leak.

The leak was located in a section of old pipework. The works needed to be carried out within a confined space and the pipework required welding. With the school reopening within a fortnight the time constraint of finding a contractor to undertake the works, given the complexity of the job in hand meant it would be extremely challenging to get the repair completed before the children returned.

The Solution

Allied PipeFreezing were contacted and were able to provide the expertise needed. The same day the initial call was made APS attended site and carried out an initial survey to find out what the works entailed. The existing pipework had been in for many years. The existing 4” steel main was made up of screwed sections of pipe. It would not be possible to split any of these joints and reuse them so It was agreed not to disturb any of the existing joints and instead would cut out the existing leaking section and replace with a new section. As well as the leaking pipe it was noted that most of the supports for the pipework had corroded severely and most were not performing the task they were meant for. The first port of call was to replace all the existing supports with new to ensure the pipe was adequately supported before any modification works were undertaken. Once the pipe was fully supported the pipe, which had been purged by the client, was cut out. Two flanges were welded to the open ends of the gas pipe. A new isolation valve was installed and the new piece installed. Once the pipework install was completed, the client carried out a strength test and the line was put back into service. Every obstacle was overcome and the repair was completed ready for the start of the new term.