Prestigious Serviced Offices, London

The Client

NeuxPark are a specialist contractor focusing on bespoke building and infrastructure solutions for commercial, industrial, rail and transport sector projects.

The Problem

As part of a wider MEP validation project to enable a multi-million pound refurbishment, the client was required to take out some sections of pipework and the sample sections needed to be sent away for full analysis. The testing was required to check for the existence and extent of any corrosion and also any build up of bacteria in the existing system

The Solution

APS attended site to survey the works. Pipe measurements were taken, locations of where the samples were to be taken from were agreed. The survey took account of the access routes and working area to ensure we had sufficient room to carryout the pipework modifications but also ample room to ensure we could carryout the pipeline isolation effectively and to determine the best service to employ to achieve the desired outcome. Following the site survey APS reported back to the client and offered to carryout local isolation of various sections of pipework by way of pipefreezing. As part of our extended services we were also asked to undertake the pipework element to cut out the required sections and reinstate the existing system with replacement sections. This entailed cutting out several samples of pipework, whilst isolated, and those sections replacing at the same time to allow the system to be brought back online once the works were completed. The pipework was a mix of thin wall carbon steel press-fit pipework and medium weight roll grooved steel pipework. The pipes ranged in size from 42mm to 6″ diameter. All the works were carried out during the day and where necessary the larger pipework was completed in an evening so as not to cause disruption to the other building occupants. The works were successfully completed within the timescales set by the client and without any disruption to the building and/or its occupants. It was a pleasure working for NeuxPark and The job went smoothly and our experience of working with NeuxPark from start to finish was exemplary. The works were completed and have now enabledb a full building refurbishment to take place.

Key Information


Timescale :

London, Docklands

1 day and 1 night

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