Chill Tech Solutions

The Client

The West Yorkshire firm has over 25 years experience of installing, servicing and repairing air conditioning and commercial heating systems.

The Problem

MD Kurt needed to replace a water chiller in the facility’s air conditioning, but shutting down and draining the system was not an option. The client required downtime to be kept to a minimum.

The Solution

APS supplied, fitted, tested and drilled two x 4″ live branch connections into the existing 6″ CHW flow and return mains. This allowed Chilltech to connect a temporary chiller to the facility to maintain the cooling to the building. Once the temporary chiller was up and running the existing out going chiller could be switched off and disconnected. however when Chilltech came to do this one of the valves failed to hold so they were unable to disconnect the chiller. APS carried out one x 6″ freeze and replaced the existing valve so that the chiller could be removed. Once the new chiller was in place APS were asked to fabricate the new pipework form the existing valves on the mains to the new entry point for the chiller. These were at different ends of the chiller and the opposite side meaning it wasn’t a straight swap. Once the pipework was completed APS insulated the pipework and weather proofed it.