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Founded in 1994, Allied Pipefreezing Services has, over the years, established an impressive reputation for the provision of an on-site Pipefreezing, Under Pressure Drilling and line stopping service within a wide range of industrial and commercial environments.

With focus on customer service, Health and Safety and training all contribute to Allied Pipefreezing Services’ commitment to high levels of service and delivery of efficient and cost effective solutions on projects of all sizes. Our success originates from the very high levels of technical expertise and professionalism that we employ to great effect in every commission we undertake. No two projects are the same of course, which is why our skilled engineers have to be resourceful, often using their experience of wider pipefitting issues to find the best solution to the challenge in hand. On-site workmanship is of the highest calibre, and our operational flexibility enables us to work within clients’ tight – and often shifting – schedules.

This approach has helped to ensure the continual growth of the company.

Our Clients Say:

The nature of the work dictates tight schedules and ever changing deadlines. With the need to take into consideration platform operations often little time is afforded to allow for preparation of any works. Allied Pipefreezing’s ability to remain flexible and the ability to react when needed was paramount to the success of the operation.


We found the service to be invaluable. The time it took to complete the works was substantially less had a traditional shutdown be carried out. The need to continue supply to the critical wards was crucial. Other more traditional methods would not have been able to offer this benefit.

NHS Ninewells Hospital, Dundee 08/04/2016

Allied PipeFreezing Services Ltd were the only choice when it came to selecting a company to take on this project. Their experience and competence instilled a confidence in us that was unsurpassed. Allied Pipefreezing Services Ltd demonstrated that they were capable and had the necessary skills to take on a project of this type. it

Mark Meredith Project Manager Atlantic Pacific Marine 23/01/2016

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