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Our Clients Say:

  • Steve Earle

    Thermal Transfer (Northern) Ltd, Glossop

    We're always delighted to work with APS, and have enjoyed the benefit of Duncan's considerable expertise for many years now. Our work involves a lot of potentially disruptive break-ins and modifications, and we need to work with someone who can fit around a given schedule which often involves an...

  • Mike Roberts

    Bailey Maintenance Services, Warrington

    We first worked with APS about six years ago, and now we use them for all our pipefreezing requirements. Duncan's incredibly versatile, and always willing to help in whatever capacity he can. Despite his vast knowledge of engineering and plumbing issues, he's not above mucking in with the team to make...

  • Bill Haven

    Manchester Metropolitan University

    We often need to isolate sections of pipe work either in an emergency, or for routine maintenance, and that's where Duncan comes in. We first came across APS via one of our main contractors, and they've now become an invaluable resource for us. We can always count on Duncan to provide a quick response, sensible...

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Welcome to the Allied Pipefreezing Services web site.

Who We Are

Allied Pipefreezing is a nation-wide specialist provider of onsite pipeline isolation and intervention services. From pipe freezing, Under Pressure drilling (Hot Tapping), Wall Tapping, Line Stopping, Tank Tapping and Wall Tapping we are sure that our services can provide a solution for almost any challenge.

Covering both public and private sectors and supplying our services across a vast range of industries Allied Pipefreezing has established itself as one of the leading companies in our sector.

Operating from our offices in the North West of England we offer our experience and expertise throughout the United Kingdom.

Why Choose Allied Pipefreezing

  • Cost Effective solutions to Industry problems
  • Well Established reputation for good and efficient service
  • Personal and Flexible customer service
  • Highly Trained workforce
  • Personal, Flexible and friendly attitude
  • Womens bra
Pipefreezing Hot Tapping Line Stopping Shrink Fitting